Dad discovers his daughter’s a stripper, refuses to make her car payments any longer: ‘It’s my money’


Dad discovers his daughter’s a stripper, refuses to make her car payments any longer: ‘It’s my money’


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A father is making waves on Reddit for saying he is no longer making car payments for his daughter now that he’s learned she’s been working as a stripper.

The post on Reddit has earned more than 20,000 reactions and over 6,000 comments.

A man by the username of “LivingwitHorse” shared on the subreddit known as AITA (“Am I the a—–e”) his story of family drama — and asked others for their input on the case.

He said he’s a 47-year-old male who has a “22-year-old daughter.

He said she’s in college and lives there on campus.

A father on Reddit said he recently learned his little girl has grown up to be a stripper — and as a result, he’s no longer making car payments on her behalf because of her choice of profession. More than 20,000 people reacted to his post and over 6,000 comments poured in.


“I agreed to help her make car payments, since she was in school,” he wrote.

But the father said he recently learned from “a young man” he works with that his daughter now “strips at a club about 40 minutes away.”


The man, who did not share his location, wrote, “I confronted her on this and she said she didn’t plan to do it …. and [that] she needed some money.”

The man said he told his daughter he’d rather she “work at McDonald’s,” not make money from the “use” of her body.

He went on, “We got into an argument, and I asked her to quit stripping and get a decent job then.”

But “she refused,” the father wrote, “and said stripping was easy money.”


So, “basically,” the man added, “I said there was no need for me to pay her car payment” any longer, “since she is making money so easily.”

He went on, “She got upset and said that wasn’t fair, and that she doesn’t make enough for that. I told her to figure it out.”

The man said, “She told my wife about what happened, and my wife is upset by her job of choice but says it’s unfair for me to stop supporting her so suddenly over an argument.”

The father and husband also said, “I think it’s perfectly fair — it’s my money and my decision when to cut it off.”

Fox News Digital reached out to a New York psychologist for insight into the family drama.

A father of four on the East Coast told Fox News Digital he has plenty of questions about the story: “Does the young woman truly need the money? Why did she suddenly turn to stripping?” He said there must be more to the story.

He also said, “If all the father was paying for was his young daughter’s car payments — and now he’s stopped that because of her choice of work — then that’s not right either.”

[A father has described his upset with his 22-year-old daughter (not pictured), who has been earning money by stripping. He disapproves of her choice of work and has stopped making her monthly car payments — and many people called him out on Reddit.]

Plenty of people on Reddit shared their own views and comments in the meantime.

One person was particularly angry about the “informant” — not at any of the family members in this scenario.

“What kind of a—–e tells a woman’s parents that they saw their daughter stripping, as if that’s any of his business to get into?” said one commenter about the “informer.”

The person continued, “Your gross coworker, who goes to strip clubs to ogle women but then tattletales on them, is the biggest [a—–e] in this” issue.

Said another individual on the same topic, “Surprised the dad wasn’t more concerned his coworker was watching his daughter stripping.”


Another commenter was quite angry at the father for no longer supporting his daughter — and in this line of thinking, the commenter had plenty of company.

He said the man was wrong for “adding conditions” to his agreement with his daughter regarding the car payments “after the fact.”

This same commenter called out the dad for “shaming your daughter” and for “not being a man of your word.”

Another person on Reddit felt the dad was in the wrong for not fully supporting his daughter through college.

“You could have avoided this,” said the commenter directly to the dad, “if you had chosen to fully support her through college. But you left her to her own devices and she devised a decent way to make money. You have no right to judge her,” the commenter added.

Yet another person weighed in on this same point, writing, “You may not like it, but it [stripping] pays a lot better than McDonald’s for fewer hours, so she doesn’t have to run herself ragged while trying to study, work and have a social life all at the same time.”

The same commenter went on, “Unfortunately, minimum wage has stagnated for about two decades due to people your age and older insisting that it should remain low and that jobs like McDonald’s are ‘entry-level’ jobs and should be paid poverty wages.”

This person went on, “She would have to work 3-5 times as many hours in a much more physically demanding job to make the same money she’s making now. You’re asking for her to demote herself.”

The same commenter added as well, “Also, your aid in paying her car payments wasn’t contingent on her having a specific job or staying away from a specific job, so moving the goalposts now is ridiculous.”

Wrote an additional commenter, “So in order to convince your daughter to stop stripping, you stopped paying [for] her car and now she has to strip more!”

The person finished with, “Nice one, dude.”

Said another person to the dad, “It’s your money, sure. But it’s also your relationship with your daughter. Are you willing to sacrifice that to prevent her from ‘using her body’?”

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