Florida man arrested for sexually assaulting pregnant woman he met on dating app

Florida man arrested for sexually assaulting pregnant woman he met on dating app

By Juna Tharakan

Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers’ discretion advised

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FLORIDA: After being charged with the alleged sexual assault of a pregnant woman, a Florida man was taken into custody on Monday, March 6. Deandre Jamon Pritchett has been accused of one count of sexual battery for allegedly attacking a woman he met on a dating app in March 2022, according to Escambia County Court records.

The 30-year-old Pensacola native and his victim messaged each other via a dating site, ‘Tagged’, in which he went by the name ‘Ghost’. A week later they met in person, following which the attack took place, reported La w and Crime.

The pregnant woman bled following the attack

The unnamed pregnant woman took a room for them where Pritchett met her, according to Escambia County Sheriff’s Office report. The accused and victim spoke to each other for a while on a bed when he gradually began to allegedly force himself on her.  The woman who was 11 weeks pregnant pushed him off of her and told Pritchett that she did not want to be engaged in any sexual activity, as per her statement to law enforcement. Following the attack, the victim dialed the local emergency services seeking help as she said she began to bleed from the lower part of her body.

How did the police locate Pritchett?

Pritchett fled the scene before the deputies arrived at the place. The police then reviewed the surveillance footage of the suspect and used his profile photos on Tagged. Law enforcement was eventually able to identify him and thereafter took him into custody.

A probable cause warrant was issued in his case which has been assigned to Judge Charles P Young of the First Judicial Circuit. According to the court records, the alleged attacker made his court appearance through video on Tuesday, March 7, and was also assigned a public defender. On a bond amount of $25,000, Pritchett is held in the Escambia County Jail at present and he is set to be arraigned on March 31. In Sunshine State, sexual battery is taken as a first-degree felony and can receive a  punishment of up to 30 years behind the bars, reported Law and Crime.


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