WATCH: Moose Goes Beast Mode On Man Riding Snowmobile

WATCH: Moose Goes Beast Mode On Man Riding Snowmobile


Video footage captured a moose charging at a man riding on a snowmobile Wednesday.

A group of riders had a close call with a moose in Idaho, as seen in a video captured by Jeremiah Bigelow, according to Fox News.

Bigelow said he was riding on the snowmobile when a moose came between him and his brother, charging at him and stopping 20 feet away. He attempted to reverse the machine but was unable to because his son was right behind him in a mobile that does not reverse, according to Fox 22.

Bigelow’s brother drew the moose’s attention away from him and his son causing it to walk towards him while looking towards the woods. Then it charged, as shown in the video. Bigelow’s brother moved out of the way just in time to avoid being trampled by the moose, who then took a tumble after colliding with the snowmobile. The moose was unharmed and walked off after charging, according to Fox News.

Bigelow said he saw the moose walking normally later on and luckily no one was harmed from the attack. “Bad scenario with an okay outcome. Moose was unharmed, and I saw it later walking just fine. Scary,” Bigelow said, according to the outlet.

The snowmobile that was trampled by the moose in the incident did come out with some dents and scrapes, according to ABC 7 Chicago News.

A woman in Alaska was trampled by a moose while walking her dog in February.

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