‘I hated the way I looked’: Pamela Anderson opens up about how she felt while shooting for Playboy

‘I hated the way I looked’: Pamela Anderson opens up about how she felt while shooting for Playboy

By Rohit Upadhyay

VANCOUVER, CANADA: Pamela Anderson felt shy and debilitated while shooting for Playboy magazine for the first time. Well, this may be a bit surprising for some of her fans, but the sex symbol of the 90s said she lacked confidence back then. “The shyness was something that was so debilitating. When I was little, I would wear a hat over my head and pull the hole closed so I could only see out this much”, she said.

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The ‘Barb Wire’ star added, “I hated the way I looked, I hated everything. I was so shy and I always thought everybody was pretty and I just didn’t have that confidence or self-confidence.” Spilling beans on her entire first project for Playboy magazine, the 55-year-old said, “Then I was in Vancouver and Playboy approached me a few times and I said no. Finally, I was in a situation and thought ‘Why not? Let me try this.’ Then I got to L.A. and I was horrified.”

Anderson, in an interview with ET Canada, said, “Then I did my first photo shoot with Playboy… it was the first flash when I opened my eyes and it felt like I was falling off a cliff. It really felt like I was just… allowing, instead of trying to control. And it was my first feeling of freedom.” Also learning from her bad sexual experiences at a younger age, she wanted to make sure she goes forward on her own terms.

‘Well, you manifest, you are your thoughts’

Anderson recently released a new Netflix documentary, ‘Pamela, a love story’, and her book,’Love, Pamela’, on January 31. When she was asked what would be her biggest curse and blessing, she remarked, “Well, you manifest, you are your thoughts. I really strongly believe that. I’ve had things in my life that were painful, where I’ve wished something, especially when I was little.”

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The Blonde and Blonder star further said, “I had a difficult situation when I was young… I had a babysitter that was not a good person and did horrible things to me. I wished that she’d die, and she did. So I thought I killed her with my magical mind. So, I was always very careful of my thoughts. I couldn’t tell my parents then for sure, I thought I’d murdered somebody with my mind.”

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