Chevy Corvette Driver Nails It, Loses It, Destroys It: Video

Chevy Corvette Driver Nails It, Loses It, Destroys It: Video

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Jonathan Lopez

Sitting in the hot seat of the Chevy Corvette, one may be tempted to nail the throttle at every possible opportunity. However, unleashing all that V8 power and torque isn’t always a good idea, as the driver of this particular Corvette quickly learned in the following brief video.

WATCH: Nailing It, Losing It And Destroying It - Corvette Drivers Does All Three

Recently making the rounds on social media, the video shows an orange Chevy Corvette merging onto the freeway. The video is shot from the dash cam of a following motorist, giving us a prime-time view of what not to do when wheeling a high-powered sports car.

In the video, we see a busy multi-lane highway filled with traffic. Passenger cars and semi-trucks roll past as cars in the right-most lane start to merge. We see the orange Chevy Corvette tailgating a white crossover, obviously eager to speed up.

The Chevy Corvette driver decides to signal, moving aggressively into an adjacent lane over some solid white lines. It looks as though the driver decides to nail the throttle as they move over, however, the rear tires lose traction and the rear end of the Corvette starts to pitch to the left. The driver tries to counter steer, but it’s too little too late, and the sports car careens to the right, directly into the concrete barrier, clipping the white crossover in the process.

Unfortunately, the drama is far from over. As the Chevy Corvette rebounds off the concrete barrier, it swings back into oncoming traffic, colliding with the rear wheels of a nearby semi truck. The front end is crumpled into a tangled mess of metal as the heavy truck blasts across the front end of the Corvette, sending the sports car back towards the barriers.

The Corvette driver finally manages to get the car onto the right side of the road, but the damage is already done. Check out the full video right here:



Or click the link below to watch. 


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