Steven Spielberg thinks the US government is hiding information about UFOs

Steven Spielberg thinks the US government is hiding information about UFOs

“E.T.” director Steven Spielberg thinks the 1982 classic was onto something — and believes the US government is hiding information about UFOs from the general public.

“I think the secrecy that is shrouding all of these sightings and the lack of transparency until the Freedom of Information Act compels certain materials to be released publicly, I think that there is something going on that simply needs extraordinary due diligence,” he argued on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Thursday.

“I think what has been coming out recently is fascinating — just absolutely fascinating,” he added. “I would like to hear more about it. I don’t know what they are.”

The Academy Award-winning filmmaker said clearly there is “something going on … that’s not being disclosed to us.”

He also revealed that he doesn’t believe Earth is the only planet with life on it.

“I think it’s mathematically impossible,” he said.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and Steven Speilberg

Chinese spy balloon

Spielberg has made several movies about the supernatural, including 1977’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” about a blue-collar worker whose life is changed when he encounters a UFO.

He also directed the 2005 film “War of the Worlds,” which is about an alien invasion of Earth that threatens to destroy human life.

A declassified government report released in January said that most UFO sightings aren’t aliens, but there have been plenty that simply can’t be explained.

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