Morgue Contractor Allegedly Breaks Into Home Of Dead Man He Picked Up Shortly Before

Morgue Contractor Allegedly Breaks Into Home Of Dead Man He Picked Up Shortly Before


Huron Township Police Department (Huron TWP) arrested a Michigan morgue worker and his suspected accomplice for allegedly robbing the residence of a deceased man Feb. 15.

Benjamin Pearce and Carnell Franklin-Smith, a subcontractor for the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office, allegedly burglarized the home of a deceased man Franklin-Smith had transported Feb. 14, Huron TWP said in a statement, The Detroit News reported March 2.

“The investigation revealed that suspect Franklin-Smith worked for a company (that) is contracted by the Wayne County Morgue for removal of decedents from their residence for transport to the (morgue),” Huron TWP said in the press release, the outlet reported.”It is believed that the suspect Franklin-Smith returned to this residence having knowledge that the resident was deceased and broke into the (home).”

A witness called Huron TWP just after 9:30 a.m. Feb. 15, claiming two men were breaking into a home on Castelle Drive, according to the report. Minutes later, the men left the house carrying several items, according to the 911 caller, who also gave police a description of the two men and their vehicle, the outlet reported.

Franklin-Smith was armed with a handgun when police caught up with the two men in their vehicle at 9:38 a.m., police said, according to the report. “Several items were recovered from the scene of the home invasion from inside the suspect’s vehicle,” Huron TWP said in the press release.


Huron TWP detectives matched items allegedly found with the men in the car to photographs taken during the Feb. 14 investigation into why the man died, according to The Detroit News. Police determined the man died of natural causes.

Police charged Franklin-Smith with felony firearm, and both men with first-degree home invasion, The Detroit News reported. Pearce and Franklin-Smith were arraigned Feb. 17 and given a $10,000 personal bond. The two men have a probable cause conference scheduled for March 22, according to the outlet.

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