Poodle puppy stolen after darting out of NYC hair salon

Poodle puppy stolen after darting out of NYC hair salon

A Manhattan hairstylist is asking for the public’s help in getting back his poodle puppy that he says was stolen by a random woman after it darted out of a Tribeca salon last week.

Dale Dumas, 51, says his 11-month-old red toy poodle named Rami ran out of the Roman K hair salon on Church Street just after 5 p.m. last Thursday as a customer walked in.

A street vendor scooped up Rami, later telling Dumas he handed over the “cold and shaking” pooch to a passing woman who claimed she would place the diminutive 6-pound poodle in her car to keep her warm.

But instead of trying to locate the pup’s owner, Dumas said, the woman quickly sped away in a dark Jeep Compass possibly bearing Pennsylvania plates.

“My heart is just broken,” he told The Post on Monday. “I want to get her back. The whole salon is just devastated.”

A screenshot from a surveillance video shows a woman, right, walking away with Dale Dumas' dog in the area of Church and Lispenard streets in Manhattan.

Surveillance video obtained by Dumas from nearby businesses that he shared with The Post shows the suspected dognapper walking away with the tiny red poodle in her arms.

Dumas said he has never had any interactions with the woman before, but the street vendor told him he had seen her two weeks earlier.

The hairstylist explained that Rami was a rescue he found on Craigslist, and that he did not have a chance to microchip her before the dognapping.

The pooch had been standing by the front door of the hair salon, looking for another dog that had recently exited the business, located near the corner of Lispenard Street. That’s when a customer walked in — and Rami used the opportunity to run out the open door onto the street.

Dale Dumas and Rami the toy poodle
Dumas, 51, a hairstylist at Roman K salon, with his puppy.
Dale Dumas
Dumas said the woman in the video, right, took his dog, after Rami darted out of the salon.
Dumas said the woman in the video (right) took his dog after Rami darted out of the salon.
Dale Dumas
The woman allegedly placed the poodle inside a Jeep Compass and then took off.
The woman allegedly placed the poodle inside a Jeep Compass and took off.

Dumas said he was talking to some colleagues while awaiting his next appointment and did not realize that his beloved dog was gone until more than 10 minutes later.

“She is still a baby,” he said. “She is kind of our salon mascot dog.”

The owner described the puppy as “super cute” and “smart,” and said he is desperate to get her back.

He is offering a reward for her safe return, with no questions asked.

Rami the toy poodle
Dumas had rescued Rami off Craigslist and had not had the chance yet to microchip her.
Dale Dumas
Dumas, left, is offering a reward for his puppy's safe return.
Dumas is offering a reward for his puppy’s safe return, no questions asked.

Dumas, who has worked at the Tribeca salon for seven years, said there has been a spike in criminal activity in the area in recent years, including one instance when the windows at the business were shattered.

The owners of Roman K have recently installed a buzzer on the door to keep people loitering in the neighborhood from going inside the salon to use the restroom, Dumas said.

The NYPD did not immediately have any information Monday on the incident.

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