AITA for kicking a girl out of my party for calling her boyfriend “daddy?”

AITA for kicking a girl out of my party for calling her boyfriend “daddy?”

I (F24) was hosting a small-scale hangout with about 15 friends. One girl (F23) is an acquaintance of mine and she came with her boyfriend. We were all sitting around in the main room and eating pizza when she came to sit and sat on her boyfriend’s lap. A little weird since there were open seats, but I didn’t say anything.

While we were talking as a group, she would always refer to her boyfriend as “daddy.” She would interject with things like “daddy just bought me a new stand mixer” and “daddy looks so handsome in this shirt right! I told him to get it!”

At first, we thought she was joking or messing with us, but she continued doing it and the rest of us were side-eyeing each other and were kind of uncomfortable.

I asked her if she could save the pet names for home because some of us were feeling uncomfortable. She got upset and told me to stop making such a big deal over a nickname and slut-shaming her. I told her that wasn’t my intention at all, but I would appreciate if she could stop because it was killing the vibe.

She started ranting at me about a whole lot of stuff, and I just told her and her boyfriend to please leave. Her boyfriend was pissed too but they eventually got out.

The rest of the evening was less uncomfortable and way more peaceful (a few of my friends who didn’t know the girl I kicked thanked me for making her leave), but we all felt kind of awkward because of what happened.

Am I T he As*hole?

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