Tattooed cat with gang ink rescued from Mexican prison

Tattooed cat with gang ink rescued from Mexican prison


This jailbird cat wants to be fur-ever yours.

A hairless kitty covered in gang tattoos is up for adoption after being rescued from a Mexican prison during a drug raid, authorities said Thursday.

The adorable gray Sphynx, who is believed to be 1 year old, was rescued from the Cereso 3 prison in Ciudad Juárez, where it was mistreated at the hands of a callous criminal gang.

The fearless feline is inked up on both sides of its abdomen with one tat declaring, “Made in Mexico” — a phrase commonly used by Sinaloa Cartel-affiliated street gangs.

But in a lucky case of claw and order, the prison was raided last month and the tattooed cat was taken in by animal rescuers.

A committee of city officials will now decide on its purr-fect new home before announcing it at an adoption ceremony on March 1.


Rescued cat

“The cat is very sociable and is in great shape, with no infections,” said Cesar Rene Diaz, Ciudad Juárez’s ecology director.

Under New York law, pet tattoos and piercings are forbidden. Lawmakers have called the act “simply cruel” and “animal abuse.”

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