Bloodied woman tells cashier she was kidnapped, only to be dragged away by suspect

Bloodied woman tells cashier she was kidnapped, only to be dragged away by suspect

By Isabel Keane

Authorities in Illinois are searching for a beaten and bloodied woman who entered a store and told the cashier she had been kidnapped —moments before a man came in and forcibly dragged her away.

The woman approached a cashier inside the AutoZone on East Sibley Boulevard in Dolton, Illinois around 5 p.m. Sunday and said that a man she met on a cellphone app was holding her captive.

Soon after a man rushed inside and told the woman “that was enough,” Fox 32 Chicago reported.

The man dragged the woman out of the store and forced her into a white vehicle, either an SUV or minivan, and quickly drove off heading west on Sibley Boulevard.

The cashier later told police that the woman had multiple bruises on her neck and arms.

She also reportedly had a bloodied right hand, which was bandaged up but still wet with blood, the cashier told authorities.

Officials said the man who pulled the woman out of the store was wearing an all-black jogging outfit and green shoes with no shoelaces.

surveillance footage of the car
Surveillance footage caught the man driving west after leaving the store.

The horrifying incident occurred in Dolton, located about 21 miles south of Chicago.

After the woman was dragged out of the store, the clerk called the police to file a report.

Both Dolton Police and the FBI are investigating the incident.

Surveillance footage released by police shows a white vehicle, appearing to either be an SUV or minivan, driving away from the store.

Police are asking anyone with information related to the alleged crime to call 708-690-8298.

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