We at TNBD have recently learned that one of our good friends of this community has lost her son. Our friend ♥KT♥ has let us know about this almost unbearable tragedy, and we all feel horrible about his passing away. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. 

The TNBD community would like to offer a small token by having a tree planted in his honor.  We selected a native species of tree to be planted in a Michigan State Forest near Lake Michigan in the name of “KT’S SON”. We know it is just a small thing compared to the loss of a son, but as we noted in the tribute, we are glad to be able to help honor your son’s memory by having a tree grow and live for many many years in his name. 


KT, we have a nice card coming from this organization to our place of business, and if you provide us with an address to send it, we’d be more than happy to mail it to you.



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