Wild video shows hero LA clerk grab robber’s knife and chase him away

Wild video shows hero LA clerk grab robber’s knife and chase him away

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Dramatic video footage shows a young minimarket clerk grabbing a large kitchen knife that a robber pressed into her stomach — then using it to chop at him as she chased him out of the Los Angeles store.

Surveillance from Amaya’s Mini Market in Westlake shows the masked robber first holding the several-inches-long blade into the side of cashier Sayda Ventura, 26, then moving it to press into her abdomen.

“He said, ‘Be quiet .. I’m killing you if you say something,” Ventura told Fox 11.

Terrified, the staffer still decided to fight back — with the footage showing her screaming as she grabbed the knife with both hands, pulling it out of the startled robber’s grip.

She then chased after him — repeatedly chopping down with the blade as the robber fled for his life.

She again turned the tables, this time being the one to shout that she would kill him if he ever came back.

Robber and clerk.

Ventura — who’d only recently started working at the store to pay for her studies to become a nursing assistant — was seen gasping from the shock and then sobbing while calling for help, the knife still in hand.

Asked if she’d been scared, Ventura told Fox 11: “Yeah — of course!”

Amazingly, despite the footage seemingly showing her grabbing the actual blade, not just the handle, she escaped with only small nicks on her hand.

Robber and clerk.

Robber and clerk.

The LAPD told local media that it is still looking for the robber.

The store’s owner, Rena Amaya, told KCAL that the would-be thief first came in to buy something when he saw another customer make a cash wire transfer with “a huge amount of money.”

“Not later than five minutes he came back with a plastic bag” with the “big knife” inside, Amaya said.

Ventura said she was “angry,” but her boss stressed: “She’s safe. That’s the most important thing.”


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