Democratic lawmaker with ties to ‘defund the police’ movement calls for crackdown on crime following assault

Democratic lawmaker with ties to ‘defund the police’ movement calls for crackdown on crime following assault

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By Jeffrey Clark

Democratic Congresswoman Angie Craig, who was allegedly assaulted in the elevator of her Washington, D.C. residence by a 26-year-old man named Kendrid Hamlin, has been tied to the “defund the police” movement.

One of Craig’s top staffers, Liz Young, has spoken out against the police and even called for property destruction on her Twitter account, according to a Washington Free Beacon report from last year.

In 2020, Young responded to news about deaths related to police in New York with four words: “Burn. It. All. Down.”

Young also claimed in June 2020 that cities should “fund counselors, not cops,” and has also promoted the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a far-left group that supports the defunding of the police.

But since then, Young’s boss, who has herself attended fundraisers of groups tied to the defund the police movement, according to the Free Beacon, has made repeated calls for a stronger law enforcement policy.

The change came soon after Craig said she was assaulted in an elevator in her Washington, D.C. apartment complex.

“I got attacked by someone who the District of Columbia has not prosecuted fully over the course of almost a decade, over the course of 12 assaults before mine that morning,” Craig told CBS News.

“And so I think we have to think about how in the world we can make sure that we’re not just letting criminals out,” she added.

Craig emphasized that repeat offenders are not always deterred by short sentences and punishments.

“I mean, it wasn’t even in every instance that he got 10 days or 30 days. Many times, the charges were completely dropped before any justice was achieved at all,” she said.

“If you throw somebody in jail for 10 days and think, ‘There’s your punishment, and we’re gonna let you right back on the street,’ what the hell do you think’s gonna happen?” Craig asked.

The Democratic congresswoman argued that there must be a way to prevent criminals from “getting back out” and getting away with the same crimes.

“We have to get these repeat offenders off the streets,” she said.

“We also have got to figure out how we get people the mental health and addiction help that they need because these people are getting back out and just recommitting the same crimes over and over and over again.”

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