WATCH: Wisconsin woman charged with killing, dismembering lover attacks lawyer after judge indicates delay in trial

WATCH: Wisconsin woman charged with killing, dismembering lover attacks lawyer after judge indicates delay in trial

By Owais Farooqi

BROWN COUNTY, WISCONSIN: When the judge said he would postpone Taylor Schabusiness’ trial for March 6 during a court session on Tuesday, February 14, Schabusiness retaliated by attacking her lawyer. Taylor, 25, is accused of butchering her lover and dismembering his body after making love.

At 8.48 am on Tuesday, February 14, handcuffed defendant Taylor Schabusiness attacked her lawyer Quinn Jolly and seemed to elbow Jolly in the head. Moments afterward, a sheriff’s deputy from Brown County tackled Schabusiness and fought to keep her on the ground as she tried to get loose, Green Bay Press-Gazette reported.

Is she competent to stand trial? 

Taylor Schabusiness has pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. The yet-to-be-decided claim that Schabusiness is not competent to stand trial was not completed by the expert hired to do the review by the defense. Though it has been earlier indicating she was capable of standing trial. Some reports suggest that the issue of her competence has been debated.

Quinn Jolly then requested a further two weeks. Judge Thomas Walsh reluctantly consented to the trial’s adjournment. Schabusiness then attacked Jolly, and a deputy had to wrestle him to the ground, FOX 11 reported.

A minute later, a court employee instructed those attending to vacate. As more sheriff’s deputies barged into the room, the supporter pleaded with Schabusiness in Spanish to calm down. No one was injured in the attack.

Following her courtroom outburst, the judge moved her competency hearing from Tuesday to March 6. The judge also proposed a May 15 trial date. Jolly then said that he will submit a motion to withdraw from the case, but the judge didn’t rule on that.

‘The facts are extremely concerning’

According to the criminal complaint, police were called to a residence on Stony Brook Lane early in the morning of February 23 last year. There, police found a severed head inside a bucket in the basement. He was identified as Shad Thyrion. Green Bay police said Schabusiness, using a knife, removed Thyrion’s head from his body after the pair had consumed illegal drugs including meth, and had sex during which Shad was strangled.

She then sexually abused him, dismembered the body, and placed body parts in various locations in the home and a vehicle, the criminal complaint states. In court, prosecutors called this a case, unlike anything they’d seen. “I think the facts alleged are extremely concerning and disturbing and go to the violent nature and grave nature of the offense,” said Brown County Assistant District Attorney Caleb Saunders.

“Schabusiness made the comment that at one point, she did get paranoid and lazy and that she thought it was the ‘dope’ that was making her paranoid,” the complaint seen by the outlet states. She is being held on a $2 million cash bond.


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