In Midst of Disaster, Buttigieg Complains About White Constructions Workers

“I continue to be concerned”




Daniel Greenfield




The thing to know about Buttigieg, besides the fact that he’s a suit in search of shoulders, is that the conventional wisdom is that his presidential prospects tanked last time because black voters didn’t like him.

Everything he’s done since has been a pathetic quest to try to win over what he thinks black people want, which is lectures about systemic racism. (Hint: this is what campus activists want, it’s not what black people especially care about.)

In the midst of a major transportation disaster, Buttigieg decided to complain about white construction workers.

“We have heard way too many stories from generations past of infrastructure where you got a neighborhood, often a neighborhood of color, that finally sees the project come to them, but everyone in the hard hats on that project, doing the good paying jobs, don’t look like they came from anywhere near the neighborhood,” Buttigieg said Monday at the National Association of Counties Conference.

The transportation secretary made no mention of the Feb. 3 derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in East Palestine, Ohio, which has forced authorities to release toxic chemicals such as phosgene and vinyl chloride to avoid an explosion and get the tracks operable.

Buttigieg is being attacked from both conservatives and the Left over this. After a loud enough outcry, he took a break from his perpetual leave to tweet.

“I continue to be concerned about the impacts of the Feb 3 train derailment near East Palestine, OH, and the effects on families in the ten days since their lives were upended through no fault of their own. It’s important that families have access to useful & accurate information”

And Buttigieg being who he is, he didn’t actually provide any.

The only thing Buttigieg cares about is the delusion that he can be a competitive presidential candidate after being groomed for it all his life.

People suffering because of him doesn’t matter. Only his ambitions do. And he’s decided that his ambitions depend on desperate racist pandering.




In Midst of Disaster, Buttigieg Complains About White Constructions Workers

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