What in the UFO alien invasion is going on?! What is an ‘Outside Context Problem’? Doomsday scenario trends after F-22s hunt ‘UFOs’ over US

What is an ‘Outside Context Problem’? Doomsday scenario trends after F-22s hunt ‘UFOs’ over US

By Tuhin Chakraborty

HELENA, MONTANA: A new scenario is trending on social media after it was revealed that F-22s are hunting ‘UFOs’ over the United States. One user recently posted a radar and map on Twitter with the remark, “The US has just closed the airspace over North Central Montana. What is the UFO alien invasion going on?!”

According to the US Department of Defense (DoD), near the northern shore of Alaska, a fighter jet shot down an unexplained high-altitude object, Flightglobal reported earlier. The incident took place on February 10, at about 13.45 Eastern Standard Time. US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) sent a two-ship mission of Lockheed Martin F-22 stealth aircraft from Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage. However several people wondered if the alien thing is real or not, which ultimately gave rise to the new phenomenon called the ‘Outside Context Problem’.

What is an Outside Context Problem?

Any issue that has an immediate, widespread, and long-lasting effect on an entire culture or civilization is known as an “outside context problem” (OCP). A frequently used example is when a less technologically advanced society interacts with a much more evolved civilization. The late science fiction author Ian Banks presented a specific illustration of an outside context problem, according to Elabor8,  explaining, “An Outside Context Problem was the sort of thing most civilizations encountered just once, and which they tended to encounter rather in the same way a sentence encountered a full stop.”


“The usual example given to illustrate an Outside Context Problem was imagining you were a tribe on a largish, fertile island; you’d tamed the land, invented the wheel or writing or whatever, the neighbors were cooperative or enslaved but at any rate peaceful, and you were busy raising temples to yourself with all the excess productive capacity you had, you were in a position of near-absolute power and control which your hallowed ancestors could hardly have dreamed of and the whole situation was just running along nicely like a canoe on wet grass… when suddenly this bristling lump of the iron appears sailless and trailing steam in the bay and these guys carrying long funny-looking sticks come ashore and announce you’ve just been discovered, you’re all subjects of the Emperor now, he’s keen on presents called tax and these bright-eyed holy men would like a word with your priests,” the statement adds.

Was the UFO sighting real?

The alleged UFO sighting and the US closing down airspace over North Central Montana led to some theories online. A user tweeted, “There’s an air force base in that area and also lots of missile silos.” “It reopened 17 minutes ago saying it was due to military training,” another noted. Meanwhile, NORAD has released a statement saying that “the aircrafts didn’t identify any objects to correlate to the radar hits” while adding that they are currently “monitoring” the situation.




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