Military Spouse Opened Fire On Man Who Breached Military Base

Military Spouse Opened Fire On Man Who Breached Military Base


A military spouse opened fire on a man who breached base security at Joint Base Andrews on Monday after the intruder made his way to the home of a high-ranking military leader.

The breach occurred just before noon Monday after a man gained “unauthorized access” to the military base’s residential area. Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass, the highest-ranking enlisted member of the Air Force, confirmed to the Associated Press on Tuesday that the intruder had reached her home, prompting her husband to take defensive action.


“We appreciate the outpouring of support we received after this incident. I can confirm that my husband, Rahn, was involved, and is safe, thanks to the quick response and professionalism of our Security Forces Airmen,” Bass said in a Tuesday statement to AP.

This the third breach at the Maryland base since Feb. 2021, when a man bypassed military security at the gate and made his way through additional secure fencing to the flight line while wearing a cap with “Mickey ears,” AP reported. In March 2022, an armed 17-year-old male and another unidentified person drove a stolen vehicle through the military checkpoint at the gate just before Vice President Kamala Harris returned from a trip to Selma, Alabama, NBC News reported.
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