This Dog Food Spot Serves Up Stunning Fine-Dining Worthy Dishes

This Dog Food Spot Serves Up Stunning Fine-Dining Worthy Dishes


The word ‘culinary’ doesn’t often come to mind when you think of dog food, yet that’s exactly what San Francisco-based company Dogue specializes in, which is dog food you’d swear belonged on a Michelin-starred menu. With an aesthetic reminiscent of fine dining, one could easily mistake Dogue’s culinary creations for human food. Their elaborately vibrant offerings will surely make you double check the menu for confirmation.

Having owned my share of dogs over the years, it has often crossed my mind how boring it must be to eat basically the same food every day. It’s no surprise they’ll sit patiently beside a dinner table in hopes of tasting a stray piece of fallen food. Dogs must truly envy the wide selection of foods at our disposal.

That’s why I was excited to learn about Dogue, and their love for our furry friends. Professional chef Rahmi Massarweh is the dog food mastermind. Having previously studied classical French cuisine for nearly two decades, Massarweh was inspired to give his puppy Grizzly, who disliked the food recommended by his breeder, a more wholesome diet. From there, he began using his culinary experience to explore ways to make seasonal, fresh, whole foods for his beloved mastiff.

In his exploration, Massarweh settled on a simple philosophy: feed fresh, whole foods that are in season and as close to its natural source as possible. In other words, serve foods that dogs are biologically wired to consume. Dogue began through learning how to handcraft nutritious foods like pasture-raised, grass-fed meat, along with seasonal and organic vegetables. As Massarweh developed his idea further, he began sharing recipes with clients.

From wild shrimp presented alongside red and gold dumplings to an antelope heart that resembles a red rose, the plating techniques are colorful and exciting. If they look this appealing to humans, they must drive dogs crazy.

When you visit their bone appétit cafe, you can experience the chef’s tasting menu and pawtisserie, which has interesting options like dogguccino and dog-centric pastries. Dogue also works with first-timers to develop bespoke meal plans that help your pet transition to a fresh food diet.

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