‘GET OFF’: King’s Guard yells at tourist who tried to grab horse’s reins twice in shocking video

‘GET OFF’: King’s Guard yells at tourist who tried to grab horse’s reins twice in shocking video

By Piyush Arora

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: In a new shocking video, a furious member of the King’s Guard was seen shouting ruthlessly at a tourist who twice tried to grab his horse’s reins while posing for a photograph.

The incident took place when a young woman, dressed up in a white coat, navy skirt, and black boots, tried to get close to the Royal horse as she posed for a picture next to the iconic British setting. Looking straight at the camera, the tourist made her first attempt to hold on to the horse’s reins. The soldier in red immediately noticed her action and yelled, “Get off the reins!” while snatching away the leather belt.

‘Get off!’

The roar of the King’s Guard left the tourist startled but she didn’t seem to get the message. Rather than leaving the horse alone, the brave soul tried her luck another time and attempted to grab the reins without the guard noticing. But he noticed her and shouted even louder, “Get off!” This warning seemed to do the trick as the stubborn tourist gave up on her photo and swiftly dashed off to the side.

The video of the incident, which amassed a staggering 5.8 million views, over 543k likes, and thousands of comments, was uploaded on The King’s Horse UK’s official TikTok handle. The video sparked a furious debate, with many slamming the tourist for grabbing the horse’s reins even after being told off once before. “Why the heck did she touch them again?” one TikTok user asked. “Shouldn’t have to ask twice, the horses are working,” said the second user while the third wrote, “This infuriates me that people cannot listen [and] act like a bunch of children.” Another echoed a similar annoyance, “She reacted just like my 4-year-old son when I tell him not to do something.”

Similar incident

In a similar incident, a King’s Guard made a little girl cry by shouting at her to get out of the way. The little girl was standing aimlessly and looking toward the crowd when the guard appeared behind her. The guard made his stride from an archway with a sword in his hand and yelled, “stand clear,” so that he doesn’t have to stop his march. The incident was captured in a viral video on TikTok. The video has garnered more than 3.4 million views on TikTok and has left viewers divided. While some netizens said his behavior could’ve been a little kinder towards the child, many blamed the child for her action.




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