Millennials’ ability, ambition comes into question following new polls: ‘Go out and get a job’

Millennials’ ability, ambition comes into question following new polls: ‘Go out and get a job’

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By Kabir Rao

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, conversations around workplace burnout and mental health are coming to the forefront. One of the groups leading the charge to bring these issues to light is millennials.

But are some millennials taking matters too far?

Millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996, are coming under fire after several recent polls appear to point out flaws within the generation’s work ethic. One new Fortune poll shows that 35% of millennials across America rely on their parents to pay their bills.

“If you’re a millennial, your parents are trying to retire, and you’re taking their money like, go out and get a job. It’s really just so disrespectful,” co-host Lisa Boothe said on ‘The Big Sunday Show.’

Boothe, a millennial, made the point that she plans to raise her own children to be more ‘tough’ than others in her generation. Her co-host, David Webb, examined the issue against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For the people that showed up, even say, during COVID and went to work when others sat at home and got a check, they’re now the bosses. So guess what, kids?” Webb said. “While you sit at home in Mommy and Daddy’s basement, playing whatever game and pretending you’re the victim, your friend who graduated with you is going to be your boss.”

Many millennials argue that the cost of living in the U.S. has spiked over the decades, and inflation is not making paying bills any easier. To make matters worse, obtaining a college degree is becoming increasingly necessary to stay afloat in competitive job markets, but the cost of attending college has also gone up.

Webb’s response? The cost of college is not an excuse to get complacent.

“This is a growing group of people from universities, a lot of them with higher education, who spend a lot of money, get into debt and don’t move on with their lives. The best anti-poverty program is a job,” Webb said.

Polls also found that 63% of millennials and Gen Z have experienced feelings of burnout. In addition, many millennials reported not knowing how to accomplish certain tasks that were once expected of adults.

Some of the reported tasks were conducting an oil change, changing a tire, tying a tie, jump-starting a car and sewing a hole. In an increasingly digital and specialized world, many of these “essential” tasks have become not as necessary to know.

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But Webb believes that millennials’ penchant for technology should make learning said tasks easier than ever.

“Come on, you’re millennials. It’s on YouTube. Watch the video and do it,” Webb said.

Fox News’ host Todd Piro used the polls about “mooching” millennials to highlight the importance of his own group – Generation X.

“Gen Xers were told, ‘You’re the slacker generation.’ Well, you want to know something, America? Gen Xers are holding this country together. We’re putting in all the work, we’re raising the kids. We’re also raising our parents, we’re getting old,” he said.

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