‘He had a lovely peachy bum’ Woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity shocked he revealed info she kept secret

‘He had a lovely peachy bum’ Woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity shocked he revealed info she kept secret

By Meenakshi Sengupta

NORTON, WILTSHIRE: The “older” woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity, as stated in his recent memoir ‘Spare,’ with a “five-minute” sex session behind a pub when he was a teen has been revealed. Sasha Walpole, 40, unmasked the mystery and said, “I am the woman who took Harry’s virginity. It was ­literally wham-bam between two friends.”

Harry opened up on how he lost his virginity in his 416-page memoir, which was released on January 10, 2023, revealing that he had a brief encounter in a field behind a pub when he was 17. On Saturday, February 4, Walpole said the incident reportedly took place in July 2001, when Harry was 16 and she was 19. “The sex was passionate and sparky because we shouldn’t have been doing it. One thing just quickly led to another. We ended up on the floor,” Walpole described according to The Sun.

Harry and Walpole reportedly knew each other from when she worked as a stable girl at Highgrove, the country retreat of King Charles. Walpole stated that they had been drinking at the Vine Tree Inn in Norton, Wiltshire, celebrating her 19th birthday, and were reportedly down with ten shots of tequila, Baileys, and sambuca when they went to the field for a cigarette.

‘We were away for 15 minutes but sex was about five ­minutes’
Walpole, now a mother of two, said, “We went outside and both climbed a three-bar fence to the field. We were quite drunk at this point. I gave Harry a cigarette. I lit mine and then his. We finished our cigarettes — Marlboro Lights — and it just happened. He started to kiss me. He was wearing boxers. There was no chatting, no words. It was exciting that it was happening. It was exciting that it was happening like the way it was. We were away for 15 minutes but the sex was about five ­minutes,” as per the outlet.

In his memoir, Harry mentioned his “tender penis” following a 200-mile North Pole expedition, explaining, “I’d been horrified to discover that my nether regions were frost nipped as well, and while the ears and cheeks were already healing, the todger wasn’t.” To which, Walpole said, “In that case, Harry must have had an above-average problem with that, from what I can recollect. We didn’t set out to do it and it wasn’t pre-meditated. He was young. We had been purely friends and it was a little bit naughty, in the sense that it shouldn’t have been happening.” She added, “At the time I didn’t know he was a virgin — I didn’t think about it then. There were no virgin vibes from him, he seemed to know what he was doing. I knew when thinking about it afterward that he was a virgin. I hadn’t known him to have slept with anyone. And obviously, I’ve been hanging around with him for a few years. So yeah, I think I kind of knew, but at the time, I don’t think it was a thing. But we were both drunk. It wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t. It was just a moment of passion — spontaneous, wild, and exciting. Obviously, I must have fancied him on some level, as he was sparky and up for a laugh. Afterward, there was the realization, ‘S**t. What are we doing? Or what have we done?’ I don’t remember us kissing ­afterwards. It was just like, OK, where do we go from there?”

He had a lovely peachy bum’

Describing further, Walpole narrated, “I remember I was wearing black trousers from New Look with a fitted black top and black leather boots, and a wide multi-colored belt with a pattern on the back. When I went back to the pub, I didn’t have my belt. It wasn’t Prince Harry to me. It was Harry, my friend — and something that got a little bit out of control. It just so happened that he was a prince. Afterward, I did grab his bum and gave him a slap. It was with one hand. He had a lovely peachy bum — but he was young.” Talking about the details in the book, she said, “No one warned me about the night being included in the book – and Harry, or his people, could have found me to tell me if they had wanted to do so. I lead a peaceful life — I didn’t invite this.”

Who is Sasha Walpole?

Walpole, who works as a digger driver and now has her own groundworks business, is married to her husband Ian and has two young children with him, states The Sun. She told the outlet, “I’d always driven dumpers and diggers with Dad. Ian bought me my first digger for my birthday. I drive a one-tonne that goes through doorways and a three-tonne too. I don’t think people will be amazed about me and Harry. People are usually amazed about me driving a digger. I think our friends from back then will be more surprised that I am driving a digger and not working with horses. But I like being in this world now, digging holes.”

‘Prince Harry is not a victim’

Following Walpole’s version of the story, many were quick to bash Harry for tagging her as an older woman. One wrote, “‘Older woman’ She is only 2 years older than Harry. How much more cringe can this story get? How embarrassing for poor Sasha.” One more asked, “Just a small query: Prince Harry is 38. Sasha Walpole is 40. Does a two year age gap really constitute an “older lover”? Another said, “How like hypocritical Harry … doesn’t want anyone talking about him unless he can control it… but he can tell a personal story involving another person without checking with them first!” One more commented, “Prince Harry is not a victim, he is a perpetrator. Look at what he did to Sasha Walpole by sharing their private story with the entire world. He set the press on a #woman. What shockingly poor behaviour.”



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