‘Whoopi Goldberg can’t think’: ‘The View’ host slammed for bizarre defense of Joe Biden in docu scandal

‘Whoopi Goldberg can’t think’: ‘The View’ host slammed for bizarre defense of Joe Biden in docu scandal

By Anjana PV

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Whoopi Goldberg is slammed across social media for claiming on ‘The View’ show that President Joe Biden declassified all the documents discovered in recent months when he was vice president.

The panelists were discussing the credibility of the set of classified documents which were found at the president’s residence in Delaware. Goldberg stated in the show, “Presidents and vice presidents can declassify these, albeit, not with their brains.” Further, she added, “I wish they would say all that while they’re explaining what’s going on, because if you say, you know, a ‘classified document,’ everybody goes, ‘Oh my God, How dare he keep that?'”

She further stated, “And if these guys can declassify presidents and vice presidents can declassify, are we chasing our tail with some of this?” Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin responded it saying, “So for President Biden to be able to declassify something, there has to be evidence he did, in fact, declassify it,” she said. “Which is the thing Trump is trying to argue, ‘I declassified it,’ well there’s no evidence.” Alyssa added, “What I’m frustrated by is how brazen and dismissive President Biden has been of this, because he said, ‘anyone can be irresponsible, but I have no regrets and there’s no there there, but it was locked up next to my corvette.’ This as you said is a serious matter,”


Later, she claimed, “One top-secret document means a grave risk to national security. It’s a bad fact pattern for him,” she added. “I said that last week ‘I think we’re going to find more documents.’ At some point, I think he needs to say, ‘There may be more. I open up any residences I have been in, you know, to be searched, by cooperation doesn’t negate the fact he had these wrongly in the first place.”


Another co-host  Sunny Hostin looped in the discussion and stated, “Why is it that the process is either not ironclad or they don’t know it, or they don’t understand it?” she asked. “We’ve both worked for the government, I could never take something out of a grand jury’s secret area and take it home without either getting fired or getting someone killed.”

Whoopi then explained, “I’m going to say this again. I think that it really will depend on what’s in those boxes because if, in fact, presidents have the ability to declassify things, then, you know, Obama says, ‘yeah. We dealt with this. We declassified.’ The problem for me is I want to, like, wait and get all the information and know what we’re talking about.”

‘Whoopi Goldberg can’t think’

The Internet quickly reacted to Whoopi’s statement. A user said, “Can someone please inform that Idiot Whoopi Goldberg that the President is the only one who can declassified Documents. What a JERK.” Another added, “Here’s my 2nd I CANT STAND short list for today. I can’t stand Paul Ryan, Whoopi Goldberg, Dan Crenshaw and Bette Midler.” A user said, “I couldn’t believe no one corrected her. But let’s play along. If Whoopi thinks a VP could declassify docs — what would be the reason why a President couldn’t do the same?.” Another claimed, “Remember, you’re speaking about Whoopi Goldberg, the world’s foremost authority on… absolutely nothing.”

A comment read, “Well technically he can declassify documents that he classified. That is it, Whoopi has lost her mind with her comments.” A user wrote, “What qualifies Whoopi to m ow anything about national security?? Enough said!! Carry on twitter verse!” Another wrote, “He can’t declassify anything Whoopi Goldberg. Nobody like you.” Meanwhile, a use stated, “Whoopi needs to stick to things she has some knowledge about. Classification levels and who can declassify what don’t fall into her sphere.. STAY IN YOUR LANE.” “Sorry Whoopi, VPs can’t do that. Your setup theory was more plausible. Nice try,” read a comment. A user stated, “Whoopi Goldberg can’t think.”


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