North Carolina Police Shoot Unarmed, Disabled White Man Who Had His Hands Up (DISTURBING VIDEO)

North Carolina Police Shoot Unarmed, Disabled White Man Who Had His Hands Up (DISTURBING VIDEO)

By Cullen Linebarger

You will not hear the name Jason Harley Kloepfer from any corporate media outlet. Kloepfer is a disabled, white man living in a trailer in rural North Carolina who was the victim of a brutal act of police violence.

The Daily Mail reported Sunday that a North Carolina SWAT team stormed toward Kloepfer’s trailer in Cherokee County ostensibly in response to gunfire in the area on December 12 around 11 pm. They suspected he was the shooter and had a hostage.

Kloepfer opened the door with his wife behind him and both raised their hands. Seconds later, the cops shot Kloepfer several times.



Here is the rest of the story from The Daily Mail:

Police said Kloepfer had engaged in a verbal altercation with police prior to opening the door and insisted he ‘confronted’ them upon being shot.

Mahler was seen in the video pulling Kloepfer out of the gunfire pathway as he began to repeatedly scream, ‘I’ve been shot!’

What the hell,’ Mahler screamed at the officers while helping Kloepfer. ‘He’s shot – what the hell did you do!’

Police continued to shout from outside the trailer ordering the two to come outside.

Mahler obeyed while holding her hands up as Kloepfer pulled himself toward the door. She slightly hesitated to leave her husband unattended before leaving his side.

‘He can’t! He’s shot!’ Mahler screamed at officers while exiting.

As officers approached the trailer Kloepfer can be heard faintly shouting, ‘I don’t have a gun. I didn’t have a gun.’ 

He was charged with Communicating Threats and Resist, Obstruct and Delay.

The details of the incident and the aftermath remain unclear as Kloepfer insisted he couldn’t share information about the shooting.

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