Florida school janitor faces charges for threatening to cut student, 14, ‘into pieces’

Florida school janitor faces charges for threatening to cut student, 14, ‘into pieces’

By Srinija Grandhi

COCOA, FLORIDA: Authorities in Florida claim that a school janitor threatened to cut a 14-year-old student ‘into pieces’ using a razor after several children made fun of him for cleaning restrooms.

According to court documents, James Baillargeon, 26, a custodian at Space Coast Jr/Sr High School in Cocoa, was arrested on felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse without great bodily harm, and improper exhibition of a weapon on school property.

Baillargeon was reportedly cleaning a restroom at the school on Thursday, January 19, when he allegedly overheard students ridiculing him. An arrest report states that the victim informed authorities that Baillargeon was cleaning a toilet when another student entered and inquired as to what he was doing before immediately leaving. The janitor allegedly told authorities that he felt humiliated and grabbed a razor scraper out of his pocket while telling a 14-year-old student that he was “from the hood,” he deserved respect, according to WFTV.



Baillargeon also allegedly threatened to hack the youngster “into pieces,” the boy claimed to the police. The student informed the teacher about the custodian’s behavior, and the teacher then informed law authorities about the event. According to the janitor, a student entered the restroom while he was using a plunger to clear a clogged toilet and exclaimed that it appeared as if he was “performing a sexual act on himself,” as per New York Post. According to the arrest affidavit, Baillargeon admitted, “he was frustrated and has trouble with the students not respecting him,” and “knew he should not have acted the way he did and regretted his actions.” The razor, according to Baillargeon, was a tool he used to remove stickers and chewing gum off the flooring. Later, several students corroborated Baillargeon’s claims that he said “he should be respected” and wielded the razor scraper menacingly, according to the court document.

Baillargeon was arrested by deputies and accused of exhibiting a weapon on school property, child abuse without great bodily harm, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. After paying $12,000 in bail, Baillargeon was let out of custody and appeared in court for the first time on Saturday, January 21.


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