Pit bull with special needs still looking for forever home a year after rescue

Pit bull with special needs still looking for forever home a year after rescue

By Anita Goswami

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI: A pit bull named Sanctuary is trying to find a home. Sanctuary and two other pit bull puppies were discovered abandoned in a box on a St Louis alleyway in February 2022, according to Walkin’ Pets, a business that sells mobility aids for animals.

Stray Rescue of St Louis picked up the puppies and took them to their facility for care. When the three puppies arrived at the Missouri rescue, veterinarians evaluated them and discovered that each dog had wounds and abrasions as well as symptoms of neurological disorders. After receiving care at the animal shelter for a few weeks, the three dogs were deemed eligible to be placed in foster care. While Sanctuary is still looking for his forever home, the other two pit bulls that he was rescued with have already found theirs.

Sanctuary suffers from Cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disorder where the cerebellum doesn’t fully mature, resulting in animals having less control over their movement. This means that the pit bull has difficulty managing his motor activities, particularly when walking and standing. Sanctuary uses a wheelchair provided by Walkin’ Pets to help him have a stronger posture and mobility. Additionally, this support has helped his independence.



“His wheelchair has made the biggest difference in his life. It has helped him physically, mentally, and emotionally. He can run, walk, eat, drink, and go to the bathroom on his own,” Sanctuary’s foster mom, Clare, shared in a statement. She added, “Sanctuary is sweet, smart, and silly. He loves his lamb chop toys and holding a ball in his mouth while running in the backyard in his wheelchair.”

Sanctuary is searching for a forever family who will love him without conditions and give him a way of life that fulfills his needs. In addition to being nice, Sanctuary is also patient during physical therapy visits and well-behaved during socialization courses. Clare and Stray Rescue of St Louis are hoping that a pet lover will soon recognize Sanctuary for the loveable, gifted dog they know him to be.

Please get in touch with Rae with Stray Rescue of St. Louis at rae@strayrescue.org if you believe you can put an end to Sanctuary’s year-long quest for a loving adoptive family.


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