Sports World Saddened By The Brittney Griner Update

Sports World Saddened By The Brittney Griner Update

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Brittney Griner is safely back home in the United States, but sadly, she continues to deal with hate.

The WNBA star was imprisoned in Russia for nearly a year. Eventually, the United States was able to work out a trade for her. President Biden sent arms dealer Viktor Bout to Russia in exchange for Griner.

Griner arrived back in the United States in December. She’s back with her wife, Cherelle, and the rest of her family.

Unfortunately, politicians in Louisiana are speaking out against the Griner trade.

“Members of the GOP committee attending their quarterly meeting in Lafayette supported a resolution condemning the Griner exchange through a voice vote. No members raised objections to the matter, once a reference to Griner being a ‘woke’ gay woman was removed from the statement,” Julie O’Donoghue of The Louisiana Illuminator wrote. “The Republican Party did not provide a written copy of the resolution to a reporter who requested one. Louisiana Republican Party Chairman Louis Gurvich said resolutions approved during the meeting wouldn’t be available for at least two weeks.”


The sports world is truly bothered by this announcement. It’s a sad update in the ongoing saga.


“Thank god, I was worried they were going to fix roads!” one fan added.

“This is truly some loser sh–,” another fan wrote.

“no class. At all. An American has made it home,” one fan wrote.

“You would hope Griner’s former coach and the most important women’s basketball figure in the state of Louisiana might say something against this nonsense, but I’m not holding my breath,” one fan added.

Brittney Griner walks into court out of prison in Russia.

Hopefully, Griner is able to readjust to life in the United States, but messages like that probably don’t help.

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