why the f*** is BMW being racist

why the f*** is BMW being racist

Kedibone Modise

Media personality and poet Ntsiki Mazwai says she is dismayed at BMW’s latest advertisement, labelling it “offensive and racist”.

Mazwai who never minces her words, took to social media on Sunday to express her outrage over the advert.

The ad is showcasing a black woman standing next to one of the brand’s latest BMW 5 Series models, and displayed behind her, is the phrase, “We Our Are Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams, with the word “ancestors” crossed out.

The phrase was made popular by visual artist, activist, and filmmaker from New Orleans Brandan Odums.

Mazwai expressed: “What level of racism is this now, where our things get used to sell white things? Which marketing agency authorised that? And why the fu** is BMW being racist?”

“They wouldn’t do this to any other religious practices, so why do they feel that they have a right to use African spirituality in their marketing campaigns? I am appalled. BMW is disgusting.”

Following mixed reaction on social media, Mazwai shared another video on her social media platforms, hitting back at those who said the advert was not offensive.

“If the BMW advert was not offensive, nobody would have been offended,” said Mazwai.

“I think what I’m seeing play out is how broken Black people are, how colonisation and slavery has broken Black people down for them to think that they are not worthy of being respected…that advert was not targeted at white people or Indian people.

“Those people have never talked about their ancestors. They speak about their own gods and deities, so that advert was definitely targeted at Black people. That’s where the racist begins…” said Mazwai.

Watch the full post below.

Though BMW has not responded or reacted to Mazwai’s social media posts, the advert has continued to cause a stir on social media.

See below some of the reactions.

“I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the boardroom when this was presented @bmwsouthafrica because there is absolutely no way that this was presented without racist undertones.

“I mean how was the erasure/crossing out/invalidation of the word “ancestors” rationalised? I’m actually quite interested @bmwsouthafrica if you have the time please indulge me,” replied Lehippie herbalist.

“The fact that they scratched it out 😭😭😭😭 it would have been dope if they used mama ester’s designs rather not this nonsense,” commented Lady Du.

“They are bastardising the very thing that they deem demonic so that they can attract the black market. It’s wrong and insulting. Since when have they acknowledged our ancestors?? Now they are using this to sell cars? Not impressed 😩,” added Queen Lerato.

@HMaku tweeted: “Hay guys please try and make me understand the racism in this ad cause I can’t see it tu.”



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