You Won’t Believe Why Illinois Fast Food Worker Shot His Manager

You Won’t Believe Why Illinois Fast Food Worker Shot His Manager

Fast food manager is shot for calling out his lazy employee.

I don’t care where you work or what kind of job you have. You’re always going to run into bad people. It could be a horrible boss. There are the possibilities of awful employees. Don’t forget about terrible co-workers. It makes for a miserable experience. We’ve all been through it. Of course, it can make you mad. Hopefully, not angry enough to do something foolish.

Honestly, I would have to believe that working at a fast food restaurant in Illinois wouldn’t be the easiest job. Especially for a manager. Many of the employees don’t want to be there and won’t really try. That would make for a difficult career. I’m sure there are plenty of arguments. Hopefully, it never comes to anything violent.

After being sent home, the Taco Bell employee grabbed his bag and reached for a gun. At first, he just tried hitting his boss with the weapon. The manager ran out the back door. The worker followed and shot him in the shoulder. The drive-thru had a long line, so the victim was able to escape the gunman. The suspect then took off. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.


Currently, no arrests have been made. The Chicago police are investigating. The manager is recovering from his gunshot wound. He hoping for quick justice.

What is it about fast food restaurants that make people so angry? Recently, a fight between two women happened at Portillo’s. Check out the story, HERE. I guess people just get really hangry.

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