TNBD Poll: How Much Will you be Drinking tonight On New Year’s Eve

TNBD Poll: How Much Will you be Drink On New Year’s Eve

With all of the parties that happen on New Years Eve, there’s no wonder it’s been called “The Drunkest Day Of The Year.

The average person consumes 4.4 drinks for the occasion, and if that’s the average, some of us are hitting it harder than that!

Then of course comes the hangovers, and research shows they typically last for 10 hours. Some of us try a range of things to try to feel better, including staying in bed all day, getting fresh air and going to the gym. Others just go for strong coffee…and even “hair of the dog” like a Bloody Mary.

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How Much We’ll Drink On New Year’s Eve

Will you be drinking tonight on New Year's Eve?

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