‘Good luck’: Woman finds note written in 1979 wishing for ‘better’ future hidden under bathroom tile

‘Good luck’: Woman finds note written in 1979 wishing for ‘better’ future hidden under bathroom tile

By Hanika Kashyap

While remodeling the bathroom of a new property, one woman came across much more than dated fixtures and fittings, rather she found an insight into the property’s history. The woman discovered a 43-year-old note left by one of the previous homeowners after removing the tile from her bathroom walls and floor.

An image of the message was shared on Reddit, revealing its innocent content which hopes for a “better” future. The note written on May 23, 1979, read, “Hi. It is 105 in the shade New Tiles are being put in the bathroom tomorrow. The USA is going broke. Carter is our president right now. Hope when you find this, things will be better. Good luck. Rudolph Matejka.” The note was posted on the discussion website by a user called PlebeSatanico, as per Mirror.


The users on Reddit quickly began searching through online records to locate Matejka. And after some thorough investigation, netizens came across an obituary dated May 6, 1989, which indicates that he died 10 years after writing the letter, as per the outlet.

The obituary read, “Rudolph Matejka, 87, of Phoenix, a mailman, died May 6 1989. He was born in Chicago. Survivors include his wife, Ella, a son; two daughters; one stepson; two stepdaughters; two sisters; five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.”

Users flocked to the comment section to talk about the find. “His family would probably like having that. I would frame that in a shadowbox if someone found something like this of my dad’s,” a Reddit user wrote. “Imagine if he knew his letter would be seen by so many across the world!” another user chimed in. “This is a really interesting thought. Like, this guy probably just thought that I’d be a neat thing to do and maybe be see by a few. But so much has changed that thousands will see it and hundreds will comment on it,” a third comment read.



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