This is why Germans are watching less and less television

This is why Germans are watching less and less television

by Refresh News

Between series like Game of Thrones, Modern Family, which can only be watched via streaming services, and series like GZSZ or RTL’s Lehrer, there is a world of difference. TV stations are losing more and more viewers to the big players in the streaming business.

Streaming is ahead

If you were to walk through downtown Cologne and ask passersby whether they watch more linear TV or prefer to spend the evening watching an exciting series from the provider Netflix, the answer would probably be obvious. Especially young people and young adults watch series of the American streaming service. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 29 watches their own programming, and that has consequences for public and private broadcasters, because the young audience in particular needs to be retained. The march of the streaming giants is shaking up TV viewing habits, but why is that?

Decline in ratings at the major TV stations

The young audience wants to be picked up, and the current offerings are simply more interesting and appealing. The figures also show the dilemma. For example, one of the ProSiebenSat 1 Group’s most successful shows !The Voice of Germany! still reached around 2.19 million viewers between the ages of 14 and 49 in the 2016 season. In 2018, it was then only 1.62 million viewers and the trend is downward. VOX’s popular „Höhle der Löwen“ format also still managed to reach around 1.8 million young people in 2016. But the ratings are falling from year to year, so that in 2020 only around 1.02 million people tuned in in the advertising-relevant target group.

Corona and the odds

And even though Corona made sure that we were at home had to set up our home office and had more time to watch TV, the figures did not change much. Because here, too, streaming services are the clear winners. The television market urgently needs to change. Larissa Wirth from Latenightstreaming knows: „The effects still seem manageable, but many TV managers are already talking behind closed doors that the old television will soon be extinct. Streaming is simply more convenient, can be used anywhere, there is exciting content and perhaps even the most important thing: no commercial breaks. So there are some important reasons why streaming seems to be simply better and more modern than classic television according to the „broadcasting scheme“.

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What will happen next?

Of course, millions of people still turn on the TV every day, and the total usage of linear classic channels still exceeds that of streaming services. But only a few shows still attract the masses as they once did. Nevertheless, the fact is that the three big private stations RTL, Sat 1 and Pro Sieben are all losing market share, and that’s especially bad when it comes to advertising revenue. And the most important target group is 14-49 year olds. But what can be done when the ratings of these target groups continue to fall? One approach taken by TV stations is to gradually offer their own programming digitally. It remains to be seen which method the major TV stations will ultimately choose.

One thing is certain: the digital offerings from YouTube, Netflix and Amazon are not only taking viewers away from German broadcasters, but also advertising revenue. However, the American competitors are careful to protect their data privacy: How many of the nearly 140 million paying Netflix subscribers in the world watch a German series?

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