THE RUMORS ARE FALSE! Hooters Makes It Clear It Is Not Shutting Down

THE RUMORS ARE FALSE! Hooters Makes It Clear It Is Not Shutting Down

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The rumors are false! Hooters is not shutting down! This is a victory for Alpha Males everywhere!

A Dec. 28 Tweet from Daily Loud about the legendary Hooters restaurant — known for its chicken wings, beer and, well, hooters — has been making the rounds on social media, with the Tweet alleging Hooters was “shutting down and ‘rebranding’ after new study shows that millennials ‘aren’t that into boobs.’”

Over 30 million people saw the Tweet:


Daily Loud then shared a screenshot of a post from its Instagram page, which sources a Complex article:

But there’s two problems: the Complex story was actually from 2017, and on top of that, Hooters made it very clear on Twitter it is in fact not shutting down, via a response to Elon Musk.

I repeat, the glory of Hooters is not shutting down.

Men, everywhere! Rejoice!

And by the way, I love how Nick Adams called Hooters “a cornerstone of American male education.”

How can you not love Hooters?

You literally have beautiful women everywhere bringing you chicken wings and alcohol, and you’ve got television screens completely surrounding you with nothing but sports on them. It’s truly a man’s playpen.

What glorious news.

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