Idaho murders: GoFundMe campaign to pay for Kaylee Goncalves’ car is taken down, donations to be returned

Idaho murders: GoFundMe campaign to pay for Kaylee Goncalves’ car is taken down, donations to be returned

By Varnika Srivastava

MOSCOW, IDAHO: It has been over a month and a half since University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen, and Kaylee Goncalves were murdered and neither a suspect nor a murder weapon has been located. Recently, Brooke Miller, who is reportedly Kaylee’s ex-boyfriend Jack DuCoeur‘s aunt, launched a GoFundMe to pay off the Range Rover Kaylee bought a week before her death.

However, the page has now been taken down, and the donations are being returned, an internet user claimed. The GoFundMe indicates it collected only $440 out of a target of $17000.

Recently, a Twitter user reported, “#Idaho4: We contacted Shanon Gray, the attorney, and spokesperson for the Goncalves family, about a GoFundMe, created to help the family pay off Kaylee’s car. Gray said the page is being taken, and the donations are being returned. More below.”

The user shared a photo with a tweet that reads, “We just became aware of it. It appears it was a family friend with good intentions. That being said, we contacted the person hosting it and had it taken down, and all donations returned.”


The announcement created some confusion among netizens. One tweeted, “You do realize that the person who created that go fund me was Kaylee’s ex boyfriends aunt?” Another wrote, “Wait just a minute, Steph. If BF’s aunt has bowed out, that means there’s a void there. I’m on the way to Go Fund Me right now. (I’m not related either.)”

“GoFund page was hosted by a “Brooke Miller,” another noted. Someone else asked, “Wow. Who cares about the car payment? I’m sure the dealer would understand if they needed some time to make payments. Just wow. What were they thinking?”

Kaylee’s mom Kristi Goncalves earlier revealed that her daughter was delighted as she bought her first vehicle. Kristi said, “She just bought a brand-new vehicle for herself, her first vehicle.” Kristi added, “She went home Friday to show off her new vehicle. She was like, ‘Maddie [Mogen] has to see my new ride. Like, she has to see this.’ And she was talking to Maddie the whole time, going back and forth between the car she was buying,” as reported by Fox News.

Meanwhile, the investigation is still floundering, and the holiday break has not seen any new information from the authorities. However, the Moscow Police Department has confirmed that a car found in Oregon that was previously the subject of some speculation was not connected to the stabbings.

Officials are keeping sensitive information secret to preserve the inquiry’s integrity but social media’s obsession with the case has seriously impeded the probe. Besides, mounting pressure from the victims’ families has added to the police’s woes. Even six weeks after the murders, there is still no sign of a breakthrough. The police said they had received 10,000 tips regarding the case that has grabbed headlines nationwide.


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