Brother of NJ woman who shot dead husband says couple ‘could argue about anything’

Brother of NJ woman who shot dead husband says couple ‘could argue about anything’

By Deepak Kumar

Warning: This content contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers’ discretion is advised.

SOMERS POINT ROAD, NEW JERSEY: Marylue Wigglesworth has been arrested for allegedly fatally shooting her husband, David Wigglesworth, on Christmas day. She was charged with murder and is currently being held at the Atlantic County Justice Facility. The police said that they found David fatally shot in their Mays Landing apartment at 10.19 pm, Sunday night. Now, Marylue’s brother Francis Gallagher has given an insight into the troubled marriage.

Gallagher, 58, told Daily Mail, the couple could argue about anything. When asked if they were a happy couple, he said, “So so. They were very on and off. They could argue about anything. I have no idea what happened and I cannot comment over whether this was the result of political differences.” He explained that the family is trying to make sense of what happened. He continued, “Everyone in our family is in a state of shock.” The 51-year-old mother has a son with David who is also named David. Gallagher continued, “I haven’t seen Marylue since this happened. Nobody from our family has. I’ve tried to see her but I’ve been told we can’t until she has been up before a judge. I support my sister, and my nephew David. However, I’ve been told not to say too much.”

Marylue Wigglesworth and David Wigglesworth’s twisted marriage

As per Gallagher, the couple was not having a smooth sail which is opposite to the lives they showed on social media. David was found suffering from a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. Marylue will appear for a detention hearing on Wednesday, December 28. Affectionately known as Wiggy, he was politically active and campaigned as a Republican for the township committee in 2019. In an opposing view to the troubled marriage, Charles Faisst, who knew them through his parents told the outlet, “To me, they always outwardly looked like they were happy and content.”

Upon looking at David’s Facebook, one could not tell the reality behind the curtains. There are pictures that show the couple vacationing in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Maryland. Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office said in a press release that the investigation resulted in the arrest of Marylue Wigglesworth for murder and “Mrs. Wigglesworth was taken into custody and lodged in the Atlantic County Justice Facility.” The cooperative investigation is active between the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit and the Township of Hamilton Police Department.

David Wigglesworth and Marylue Wigglesworth. (Facebook/David Wigglesworth)

One friend, Jennifer Silverio posted on Facebook, “I cannot believe this. Our hearts are completely shattered. We’ve known Dave and Mary for years. Bill knew them since he was a little kid in the old neighborhood. Bill saw and spoke with him a few days ago. We are both sick over this. This just can’t be true. Prayers for everyone…I’m in complete shock. Rest in peace, Wiggy.”

Township of Hamilton Republicans posted, “Our hearts are heavy with the loss of David Wigglesworth. He was a dedicated member of the party and worked tirelessly to support many Republican campaigns over the years, including his own. We send our prayers to his son and his extended family.”




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