‘We need answers’: JonBenet Ramsey’s dad John Ramsey issues emotional appeal to find daughter’s killer

‘We need answers’: JonBenet Ramsey’s dad John Ramsey issues emotional appeal to find daughter’s killer

By Deepak Kumar

BOULDER, COLORADO: The father of JonBenet Ramsey, John Ramsey, has issued an emotional appeal to the person who brutally beat and killed the six-year-old beauty queen and left her body in the basement of the house. No arrests have ever been made in the case. John also addressed the fact that for more than a decade, John and his wife Patricia “Patsy” Ramsey were considered prime suspects until they were exonerated by the Boulder District Attorney in 2008. JonBenet’s elder brother Burke, who was nine at the time, was also under suspicion at the time.

The 79-year-old grieving father explained that they need an explanation for the murder of the six-year-old beauty queen. John told The Sun, “Well, you’ve hurt a lot of lives. And that can’t be undone, but you can at least put to rest the hurt that you’ve inflicted on a lot of people that are totally innocent of any anger you may have for me or for whatever. I got a letter the other day from or an email from one of JonBenet’s friends, and they were in school together as kindergarteners. And she said ‘I was thankful I could get ahold of you, I just wanted to tell you that I miss JonBenet. I’m going to be married and I’m going to be a pre-med student.’ But even her life was affected by this, a little kindergartener having one of her classmates murdered.”

John continued, “And it would help if we were able to understand why this happened. Because that’s one of the problems I think people have with something like this that is so horrible that you can’t [understand] how could this happen. In sweet little Boulder to a loving family? [You think] ‘it can’t happen to me’. And so there’s hundreds and hundreds of people that would benefit from an answer. And I know that the killer obviously is a psychopath. As I’ve read about it, they have no guilt or sense of remorse. This person obviously, probably fits that category. So whether that matters to him or not, who knows? But it’s really impacted a lot of people […] and we need answers.”

Remembering JonBenet, he said, “I’m sorry I didn’t protect you. That’s a dad’s job. She knew she was loved, I used to tell her every day, but a father has to protect their children. That needs to be a high priority but we were just complacent. We thought we lived in La La Land with no need to worry […] but we were wrong. There are still people out there who think we’re murderers, child murderers. And I’ve told people I suppose we could have a killer confess, DNA matched, convicted in prison, and there’d still be 5-10% of people that would say, ‘Nah, parents put him up to that they’re guilty of this.’ These are the people that don’t believe the moon landing happened or that Elvis isn’t really dead. You can’t convince everybody of the truth. The Bible calls them fools. And it says basically, don’t mess with them, you can’t confuse them with facts or logic, just keep them out of your life – and that’s what I finally accepted.”




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