How cold is it where you’re at?

[Amusing Planet]


Hey guys, I was just surfing YouTube right now and they threw this at me and I gotta say I’m pretty shocked at what i’m seeing.

For me it was 80 today and I could feel the heat blowing through the house as I cooked Christmas dinner. Being spoiled here it’s difficult to imagine being in weather like this I gotta say, this looks freakin’ terrible!!


So I was wondering, does any of you got any horror stories of what you’re seeing with this storm? How bad is it in your area, is it the worst you ever seen? Got any photos? Tell us how you’re getting by in that nasty stuff.

Because after watching this, I know some of you are right in the thick of it and probably got a tale or two.

But anyways… if ya need a ride to go get a pack of smokes, don’t call me!


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