TNBD’s Saturday Night Music (Christmas Edition)


Hey everyone! 🎁☕ 😎

Season’s Greetings and Merry Christmas Eve to you all here with us tonight.

I hope everyone’s doing well and staying warm as that icy air swirls around your home. I guess I’m fortunate here in Southern California to enjoy warm weather this time of year. I can drive up to Palomar Mountain usually if I want to enjoy some snow, it’s about an hour away from me and I have many great Holiday memories up there with family and friends.

Speaking of Christmas memories, back here at the house when I was a kid, my Mom bought me my first couple of KISS albums, KISS Alive and Double Platinum and I don’t think I left my room for like two weeks playing those darn things. I never had any idea what Rock n Roll was and when I was introduced to it, I was hooked!

I can also remember that expensive model train my Dad would set around the tree every year. He’d put a dog biscuit in one of the cars and the dog would chase it around in circles as us kids giggled.


😏 💭Ahhhh… Those were the days..

But anyways guys, I don’t want to get all smooshy in my intro tonight with that to much.

I wanna get down with some music with y’all!

Tonight’s an open night with a pinch of Christmas sprinkled in. So whatever you’re in the mood for, if ya got some Christmas memories you want to reminisce with us, no worries. And if you’re new here, I Welcome you to stick around and play some of your choices with us as well. Glad to have you with us.😊

And thanks to all the TNBDites for taking your precious time with us here and thanks again for y’all who played last week’s contest, it was fun watching everyone try to guess what those songs meant.

I knew the answer all along and the suspense really made my night. I hope you enjoyed it too!

Have a Wonderful time tonight and a Blessed Merry Christmas to you and yours from us here at TNBD!! 😎


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