Will Smith upset as last hope ‘Emancipation’ bombs following Chris Rock slap

Will Smith upset as last hope ‘Emancipation’ bombs following Chris Rock slap

By Piyush Arora

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Will Smith may have slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars but it’s his own reputable career that seems to have taken the hit. During the 94th Oscars ceremony on March 27, the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ star walked onstage and smacked the comedian across the face for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head.

The infamy that followed appears to have shattered Will’s last hopes as ‘Emancipation’ has received a disastrous reception at the box office. Helmed by Antoine Fuqua, the $120 million historical slave drama collected a reported average of just $3k per screen in its opening weekend. The action thriller was passed over not just by moviegoers, but also by the 2023 Golden Globe jury. And this failure of his prestige project has now left him furious over his own decisions.

THE FALL: Will Smith’s star power plummeted after Chris Rock Oscars slap

‘Emancipation’ is an Oscar contender for Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua

According to a report by Radar Online, Will Smith is hurt and angered at ‘Emancipation’ being snubbed by the 2023 Golden Globes. The 54-year-old star was hoping that the film would ease his post-slap comeback. “Will knows it’s a long road to redemption and a lot of folks won’t forgive him,” an insider spilled. “But this really rams it home.” The insider also said Smith is regretting not delaying a project that he believed would help him get his £285 million career back on track.


Smith’s assault on Rock at the Oscars also ruined his relationships with old industry pals. It was earlier reported that Tom Cruise has been avoiding the star at all costs following the slap. “Will has approached Tom several times, trying to reconnect and see if they can hang out and brainstorm on some projects together,” the source told Radar Online. “A solid movie with Tom would guarantee Will’s comeback, or so he thinks. Will has even offered to fly to London if that’s more convenient, but Tom isn’t biting and doesn’t even write him back.”

The source also added that Cruise can relate to what Smith has been going through but that doesn’t mean he is going to “be stupid enough to put his neck on the line and be dragged down by association.” “Tom is still very wary of any Hollywood friendships. He likes his reclusive lifestyle in the United Kingdom,” the insider claimed. “He doesn’t want to get sucked back into the Hollywood scene — especially by way of Will Smith. He’s still kryptonite.”

Despite apologizing for his actions, Chris, Hollywood, and fans haven’t forgiven Will, which is evident from ‘Emancipation’s box office failure.



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