Hitler’s birthplace is to be demolished – and what’s the point?

Hitler’s birthplace is to be demolished – and what’s the point?

by Refresh News

Discussions have been going on for years about the whereabouts of the house in which Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 and spent the first three years of his life: the residents of Braunau are tired of being constantly associated with the city’s dark past, during Nazis from all over Europe proudly pose in front of the house and take souvenir photos. Even about one The city is considering changing its name, in order to escape the brown alignment and thus finally the curse of the past.

After the demolition of Hitler’s apartment, a new building is to be erected that is in no way reminiscent of the original house. The area shouldn’t stand empty: after all, the story, no matter how unpleasant it is, can’t simply be erased.

But who or what should move into the new house?

The building is currently privately owned, but the owner has not undertaken any renovations or alterations to date. The approximately 500-year-old building has been empty since 2011 and is slowly falling into disrepair. After negotiations failed, the Austrian parliament is now expected to expropriate the property at the end of October and pay compensation to the owner, the monument protection that has been in force since 1993 is thus circumvented. A commission of experts from the ministry is discussing the extent to which the new building should be used after it is demolished.

In order to distract attention from the history of the house and not offer right-wing extremists a target, it may be used by social or charitable purposes and authorities. For example, the establishment of a workshop for the disabled is being discussed – that would be a slap in the face for all those who identify with right-wing extremist ideas. It is also hoped to deter the Nazis who gather here for commemorations every year. Especially on Adolf Hitler’s birthday, celebrations are held in front of the house, which can only be achieved by nationwide Police presence and demonstrations the initiative „braunau to the right“ be kept in check.


Party at Hitler’s home


Can’t the house be converted into a museum, into a memorial against National Socialism? There are enough memorials in the area, according to the mayor of Braunau. In his opinion, an alternative option would be to rent out Hitler’s house. How do you come up with something like that? Who would want to move into the house where one of the greatest dictators and mass murderers of the twentieth century was born? Sure, neo-Nazis. They are not driven away in this way, but rather invited to pay respect to their role model again. There is also discussion about converting the house into a birthplace –„Hitler murdered, and new life is emerging in the house where he was born“, so the argument goes. Uh yeah

It remains to be seen whether there will be any benefit in tearing down the house. After all, Braunau’s story will probably remain anchored in people’s minds forever. The more sensible idea is to make the best of the past. This could succeed through charitable purposes – that should also drive away the pilgrim neo-Nazis relatively quickly.


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