🤦 Young People Are Using Emojis as Pronouns and I Can’t Even

🤦 Young People Are Using Emojis as Pronouns and I Can’t Even


It was bad enough when males wanted to use feminine pronouns and vice-versa.

It achieved a new level of stupidity when custom pronouns (ze, zir, zem, etc.) became a thing.

But, my friends, the ridiculousness of the “preferred pronouns” fad has managed to out-clown itself yet again, this time with emoji pronouns.

Libs of TikTok has shared a video of some pronoun-pusher attempting to teach the impressionable youth all about how to use emoji pronouns.

“Did you know that any emojis can be used as pronouns?” she asks in the video. “Most emoji self-pronouns follow the same grammatical formula. However, if something does change, it’ll be specified, so don’t worry.”

Tee-hee, isn’t this hilarious and not a sign of mental illness at all?

“For example, if someone uses they/them pronouns but doesn’t want to be outed just yet, then they can use emoji self-pronouns in place of they/them pronouns.”


Quite frankly, in my opinion, anyone who has “preferred pronouns” might as well use 💩 for a pronoun — because that’s exactly what this nonsense is.

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