New York Bar Goer Found In Pool Of Blood With Neck Slashed

New York Bar Goer Found In Pool Of Blood With Neck Slashed


The City of New York Police Department (NYPD) discovered the body of a bar customer in a pool of blood with his neck slashed open Monday, according to a report.

Police reportedly found the victim lying face-down on Avenue A near East 13th Street in the East Village, New York, just after 1 a.m., the New York Post reported. After rolling the man over, revealing a gash in his neck, New York authorities identified the man as James Cunningham, 51, according to the outlet. Police believe someone attacked Cunningham and are treating his case as a murder, though no weapons were discovered near the scene.


Cunningham had reportedly gone to a bar earlier that night where he drank a seltzer before leaving. The bartender apparently heard the NYPD outside the bar, then saw the dead body in the street, the outlet noted.

Police had reportedly charged the victim with menacing with a deadly weapon just 10 days prior. Cunningham was released on a desk appearance ticket, with a court date of Dec. 28, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office noted, according to the New York Post.

Another New York City man fell victim to a slashing in Queens, New York, in early December after he reportedly refused to hand over his belongings to an armed mugger. The alleged attacker slashed Hector Hernandez, 36, in a subway station on his way home from work, leaving a scar down his cheek. Despite the severity of his injuries, Hernandez claims that bystanders merely watched as he struggled, he told the New York Post.

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