My daughter married a narcissist

My daughter married a narcissist

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DEAR ABBY: My daughter is married to a textbook narcissist. He’s controlling, easily offended and creates drama out of the most innocent scenarios. There is never enough you can do for him, and he never gets enough praise. We have put up with him for the sake of a relationship with my daughter and three grandchildren.

My daughter adores him and goes along with everything he dishes out. She has no friends except online. He alienated all her friends and has tried to distance her from her family as well. Before her marriage she had many friends and enjoyed an active social life.

They live in the same small town as we do. I know calling his bluff will mean I’ll be cut off from my daughter and grandchildren. It goes without saying he is manipulative and emotionally abusive. I’m at the end of my rope. Please advise. — WATCHING A DISASTER


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