Food blogger Feng Zhengyung STABBED by rival during LIVESTREAM

Food blogger Feng Zhengyung STABBED by rival during LIVESTREAM

By Pragati Priya

KATHMANDU, NEPAL: A well-known Chinese food blogger was fatally stabbed by a rival blogger while livestreaming from Nepal. Feng Zhengyung, a 37-year-old Chinese national, was detained on December 4 on suspicion of killing Gan Soujiong, 29, and injuring Li Chuzan, 32.

According to New York Post, the brutal knife attack happened on December 4 at the busy Indra Chowk market in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. In the shocking video which captured the incident, Gan, also known online as ‘Fatty Goes To Africa,’ is seen walking and laughing with two friends while streaming himself live when the scene is abruptly cut off by a string of disturbing, high-pitched screams, followed by frantic shaking, before the screen goes dark.

A later clip captures a bloodied and apparently dazed Gan sitting in the middle of the street while someone who might be Feng, can be heard cursing at him in Chinese. Gan can be seen half-lying on the ground, gripping his stomach to examine the abdominal wound, and pointing to a phone, probably to tell passersby to call for assistance. According to the news source OnlineKhabar, Gan was brought to the National Trauma Centre where he died that evening from stab wounds to the chest and stomach.

His friend Chuzan was hospitalized in critical condition after being stabbed in the stomach during the street incident. Feng, also known online as “Ayun,” was detained by the local police in relation to the stabbings. According to early sources, Feng, who resides in Nepal, was enraged with Gan because of numerous unspecified disagreements and debts.



According to a story published by NetEase, Feng revealed more about why he attacked his rival.They had previously known one another, and he asserted that Gan had mistreated him. In one alleged occurrence, the influencer allegedly stole $1,770.70 (about 9,099 yuan) from the victim and spent it on a phone. Feng claimed that the victim even gave him food tainted with Covid and sent men to ransack his home, suggesting that this was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Gan used his social media channels to expose the cuisine and cultures of other nations to his roughly 5 million Chinese fans. The investigation into his killing is still ongoing.

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