I caught my bridesmaid groping my husband in wedding pics — here’s what happened next

I caught my bridesmaid groping my husband in wedding pics — here’s what happened next

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This bridesmaid seemingly made her move on the groom at the wedding — and the bride captured it all on film.

A newly married woman named Heather Lynn is virally blowing the whistle on a handsy member of her bridal party after catching the woman holding her new hubby’s hand and posing near his crotch in her wedding pictures.

“Getting your wedding photos back and [noticing] something,” groaned Heather, a nurse and mom of two from North Carolina, in the caption of her trending TikTok. The video features several stills of the unnamed brunette bridesmaid groping her groom, Travis, during their nuptials in October.

In the chaotic clip, which has garnered more than 18.1 million views, the “maid of dishonor” is seen standing to Travis’ left, linking arms with him, placing her hand near his groin and tightly grabbing his hand as he and Heather — who was to his right and apparently oblivious to the woman’s questionable behavior — smiled for the camera.

TikTok commenters immediately assumed that the groom and the bridesmaid were having an affair.

North Carolina bride Heather Lynn went viral after exposing her bridesmaid for feeling up her new husband in their wedding pictures.

“I guess I’m getting a sister wife,” a stunned Heather joked in the eye-popping post.

But, unsurprisingly, suspicious social media cynics did not share the bride’s nonchalant sarcasm.

“A sister wife? I’d be getting a divorce,” barked an outraged onlooker in the comments, convinced the bridesmaid and groom are secretly having an affair.

Others left comments suspecting a sexual relationship between the new husband and his bride’s buddy, saying: “He’s holding her hand back” and “Yep he smashed that.”

But in a separate share, Heather explained that the touchy-feely friend is a woman she once considered her “work wife” who — after a few glasses of wine in celebration of the big day — struggled to maintain her balance and innocently grabbed onto Travis for stability.

The bride went on to explain that her tipsy girlfriend had no choice but to cling to Travis for help because the groomsman who was standing near her was an amputee. She claimed that the gentleman had previously warned the drunk bridesmaid not to look to him for support because “he was on his last leg.”

And in response to digital queries as to whether she and Travis remained in holy wedlock despite his and the bridesmaid’s curious conduct, the couple confirmed that their marriage is indeed intact.

Travis, who made a cameo appearance in Heather’s TikTok post, backed his wife’s claims about the bridesmaid’s wobbly state, saying she “did just lose her balance and was grabbing on me.

“The photographer told the bridal party to do a crazy pose while my wife and I were kissing,” he continued. “And [the bridesmaid] did and almost fell over.”

The self-exonerating groom then added: “Sorry to disappoint everybody who wanted me to be a cheater and the bridesmaid to be a homewrecker. It’s not actually what happened.”

Despite their questionable exchange, Travis insisted that he's neither "a cheater" nor is the bridesmaid a "homewrecker."

He concluded, “She did not touch my crotch. It just looks like she did.”

However, Travis’ plea of innocence aside, digital audiences are convinced that he and his wife’s pal are hooking up.

They’re sleeping together!!!” exclaimed a skeptic.

“She’s sleeping with him, girl. Tag me when you find out,” said another.

My trauma mind is telling me he’s lying,” warned a separate pessimist.

But, in response to the doubt, Heather further wrote: “Nah baby, he’s worried more that he was gonna be left out of [our] sister wives [relationship].”


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