California Marine veteran shot dead defending restaurant worker from robber

California Marine veteran shot dead defending restaurant worker from robber

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By John Salvatore

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Robert Sundin, 70, was shot dead on Thursday morning when he came to the aid of a restaurant worker during an armed robbery in Vallejo, California.

“He saved my life. That’s the type of person he was. He saved my life. He’s always going to be my guardian angel for life,” said Teresa Brasher about Sundin, as reported by Fox 2.

Sundin, a married father who worked in the VA healthcare system, would arrive at Scotty’s Restaurant at Tennessee and Tuolumne streets every weekday morning, at 5:30 a.m.

On that fateful Thursday morning, Brasher noticed a man in a hoodie and ski mask riding an electric scooter.

She said, “He came up to my door, and he pointed his finger at me. He was pointing at my purse. I don’t know if he used his finger or a gun.”

At that point, Sundin, a Scotty’s regular, exited his vehicle.

Brasher continued, “The guy grabs him. And I can see Bob pulling away like that, and that’s when I heard the gunshot go off.”

Sundin was dead at the scene as the shooter fled.

Brasher added, “He’s my hero. He’ll always be my hero for life.”

According to Fox 2, Sundin would sit in the same seat every morning, reading the newspaper and making small talk, while restaurant staff would cook up his regular order.

United States Marine Corps

United States Marine Corps (iStock)

Scotty’s owner, Nay Ung, said of Sundin, “That’s what makes it hard. He was just such a wonderful man. It was just somebody you come across, and you feel comfortable talking to him.”

Sundin was a volunteer at First Assembly of God, a Fairfield church.

Pastor Eric Lura said, “If there was a need he saw at the church, he met it. He was the first person to arrive and last to leave.”

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