A Lesbian Faces Jail Time for Saying Men Can’t Be Lesbians

A Lesbian Faces Jail Time for Saying Men Can’t Be Lesbians


Years ago, when I got off work, I went to this little restaurant in town. It was short on ambiance, but there were plenty of regulars. The wings were great and it had several beers on tap from what was then a smaller brewery in Utah. I used to go and get a plate of wings and a pale ale and watch “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN. Yes, this was back in the days when ESPN did not suck. Oh, the memories.

The joint was managed by two lesbians. I think they went on to start a restaurant of their own. One day, during the usual bar talk, one of them made the old joke, “So Lincoln, are you like all the rest of the guys around town? Are you a lesbian trapped in a man’s body?” I said, “No, I’m just a regular old straight dude.” They laughed, I laughed, everyone around us laughed and I had another pint.

If only that scenario were to occur today. I could have stood up on the bar and proudly exclaimed “YES! YES! I AM a lesbian! Where is my membership card? When’s the next meeting? Should I bring a relish tray?”

Yes, indeed, my fellow gents, we live in a glorious age in which straight men can now declare themselves to be lesbians and pursue the same kind of relationships for which they would be looking anyway. And woe, woe I say, to any person who has the temerity to suggest otherwise. And that includes lesbians. So, heads up, lesbians. If you aren’t on board with men embracing their Sapphic side, you’d better get a ticket for that ship soon, lest you end up like Norway’s Tonje Gjevjon.

Gjevjon is a filmmaker, musician, and an actual lesbian. Not a wanna-be or even an honorary lesbian. (Memo to self: email Arielle Scarcella and see if that is even a thing.) According to Reduxx, on Oct. 1, she made a post on her Facebook page. She stated her opposition to trans men who call themselves lesbians, and to activists who want to criminalize women who do not tout the acceptable line when it comes to gender ideology. Reduxx reports that she wrote, “It’s just as impossible for men to become lesbian as it is for men to become pregnant,” and, “Men are men regardless of their sexual fetishes.”

Gjevjon also named names, specifically Christine Jentoft, a man who is a trans activist and calls himself a “lesbian mother.” She was also critical of politicians who support gender identity issues over the rights of women. In fact, Gjevjon has been a critic of gender identity as far back as 2017. Her position has resulted in her being blacklisted from Norway’s arts community. She wrote in the publication Klassekampen:

I have stated that women are female, that lesbians do not have penises, that children should not be responsible for decisions they do not have the capacity to understand the scope of, and that no-platforming is harmful to democracy. For these opinions I have been canceled several times.

As to her Facebook post on Oct. 1? On Nov.17, Gjevjon was informed by the government that she was under investigation for hate speech. She could be looking at three years in jail.

Let’s be honest, a “trans” lesbian is a straight man who either has issues, wants to have issues, is extremely narcissistic, or is chasing a trend. My money is on the last two. I know that there is a biblical argument that homosexuality is sinful.  But be that as it may, any actual lesbian or gay man will tell you they didn’t “become” homosexual because all of the cool kids were doing it.

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