This Beef Pie Lollipop Is Pure Delicious Creativity

This Beef Pie Lollipop Is Pure Delicious Creativity


Jason Ortynski, the food content maker behind Jort’s Kitchen, just stumbled upon recipe gold with the genius creation of the Beef Pie Lollipop.

Seeking flavorful fusion, Ortynski begins by cooking beef plate ribs until they’re juicy enough to literally pull off the bone. He then uses his hands to easily break the meat apart and demonstrate its level of tenderness.

Next, its cooked together with an assortment of veggies and seasonings in a cast-iron skillet. After, it’s then gently placed atop a perfectly round soft pastry.

Before sealing the pastry, he uses one of the beef’s rib bones as a “lollipop stick” and places it in the center. To add the final preparatory touch, Ortynski seals the deal with a picture perfect lattice pastry top.

Behold, the Beef Pie Lollipop, in all its glory. Look at its majesty and admire its beefy presence.

If you’re interested in more of Jort’s unique meat-centric recipes, be sure to check out his Instagram.

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