Now There’s Synthetic Hair That’s Better For You and the Environment

Now There’s Synthetic Hair That’s Better For You and the Environment

A recently published report from Polaris Market Research valued the global hair wigs and extensions market at over $6 billion in 2021 and projected it to approach $12 billion by 2030, proving that this hair ain’t going nowhere.

With the passage of The Crown Act, more women of color can freely wear the styles that suit them without fear of backlash at work and school. But while synthetic hair can be used to create beautiful braided styles, it can come at a cost in the form of itching, irritation, damage to your natural hair and general discomfort, depending on the the type of hair you wear.

Osahon Ojeaga and Mary Moore, co-founders of Aja Labs, believe that everything beautiful doesn’t have to hurt. And they have developed a line of braiding hair that is better for you and the environment.

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Their product, Nourie, is the world’s first patent-pending plant-sourced synthetic hair that nourishes the hair and scalp as you wear it. The scientists at Aja Labs have developed a proprietary nourishing complex that fortifies without causing all of the damage. See why representation matters?

Synthetic hair is made of strands of plastic, polyester, acrylic and other non-degradable materials, which can be harmful to the environment. The hair goes through a series chemical processes to make it look and feel like human hair, but your scalp can end up paying the price. : Selinhaar Pink Braiding Hair Synthetic Hair for Braiding  Braids Hair Extensions Pre Stretched Braiding Hair Box Braid Hair 3pcs/Lot  : Beauty & Personal Care

“Black women, in particular, have been subjected to some of the lowest quality materials by way of fashion and beauty products, leading to irritation, contamination, and disease,” said Nourie co-founder Osahon Ojeaga.

“We are championing a new future in which sustainability and wellness are paramount. From both an economic and a cultural perspective, better-made hair extensions are a meaningful flagship endeavor for us.”

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