Shocking video shows Missouri school teacher and student hitting and pulling each other’s hair in classroom

Shocking video shows Missouri school teacher and student hitting and pulling each other’s hair in classroom

By Hanika Kashyap

Warning: This article contains disturbing footage and content that can be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI: A brawl between a staff member and a student inside a classroom was caught on a cellphone video where the duo can be seen throwing punches and pulling each other’s hair. The physical altercation took place on Monday, December 5, at Westview Middle School in St Louis which is located in the Riverview Gardens School District.

According to Kansas City Star reports, the district did not identify the teacher and the student. However, as per KTVI-TV, the staff member is wearing a red shirt. The district and community are reacting to the recorded assault and wonder how something like this could happen in a classroom. According to Fox News, many claims that the video is very disturbing. Check out the video, here.

“This is shocking,” said Karen Cummings, a concerned resident, to Fox News. “I’m like, what led up to them having an altercation, and why wasn’t anybody in the room once they started hearing commotion.”

(Screenshot from Fox 2 St. Louis/Youtube)

The video showed the staff member wearing a red shirt and appearing to place a leg behind the student’s leg, after which both are brought to the floor. The next seconds show the teacher punching the student several times as they continue to strike each other. While hitting the ground the pair slammed into a desk, and a chair fell, almost hitting them. In the video, both were pulling each other’s hair while others in the classroom can be heard hooting and hollering over the scene.

(Screenshot from Fox 2 St. Louis/Youtube)

“This incident was captured in a deeply disturbing video that is circulating on news and social media,” read a letter written by the district to parents that McClatchy News obtained, according to the Star. “Riverview Gardens School District does not condone violence and takes violent behavior seriously.” The district is investigating the incident and is “cooperating with local authorities,” the superintendent said to the paper.

It is still unclear how the fight began and how it ended, and if anyone will be disciplined. “Kids are supposed to go to school to learn,” Cummings added to the outlet. “Not go to school and not have teachers put hands on them.” “This was very disappointing to me to see an adult fighting that young girl,” said Donta Madison, another concerned resident of the area. “It’s unprofessional.”

A Town Hall meeting is scheduled by the district for the staff, parents, and community members to attend on Tuesday, December 12 at 6:30 pm to address the topic of school safety. “RGSD is committed to working in partnership with community and district stakeholders to ensure a safe learning environment to educating scholars in the Riverview Gardens community,” the statement read.


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